• Discharge Planning: Re- Entry into the Community🚸

    I’ve experienced a number of serious planned and unplanned hospitalizations and subsequent discharges. Medical, psychiatric, physical rehabilitation, you name it, I’ve been discharged from it. Discharge planning should always begin from the moment you enter the facility and become a patient in the hospital. If the facility isn’t planning for your ultimate release and re-entry… Continue Reading

  • That day I lost my car in Atlantic City (NJ)

    I needed a break from studying, a nightmarish winter session, and not enough sleep. The plan was to meet my friends for a weekend of fun and excitement away from it all in Atlantic City New Jersey. We had all been there before. There was going to nothing out-of-the ordinary about this trip, except for… Continue Reading

  • Allies in Recovery: Use and Overuse of Collateral Support

    Burnout exists among practitioners & caregivers for those carrying a mental health diagnosis. Our allies, collateral contacts, and both natural and artificial supports are all susceptible to burnout. This presentation is designed to prevent and disrupt behaviors which contribute to burnout among people working with psychiatric disabilities. In doing so, burnout will be evaluated two… Continue Reading