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Common Egregiously Misused🚫 Terms in Mental Health⚠️

Without question, all of us involved with the mental health system, treatment, peer advocacy, and those with a vested interest in the health and wellness of our friends use language to talk about, explain, articulate, or just commensurate about subjects involving mental health, health, and the world-at-large. As […]

The Fear of Self-Disclosure🗣

We all talk about ourselves to other people in our lives. We talk about the day-to-day bullshit, the victories, however small, the good, the bad; all of it. As a therapist, peer, disability rights advocate, and just plain people person, I love talking to people about just about […]

The Rise of the Health Czar

The Health Czar is the final solution to the mental health crisis in modernity The age old debate of governance extends into mental health and its administration, policy making, and implementation of state and federal regulations. Some argue for democracy, and its careful review, however political, of the […]