• The Mobility of Recovery

    There is an undeniable mobility to recovery. Moving forward in your path to health and healing requires an inertia. From rate of recovery, the very speed and velocity required to push life’s pash setbacks, to identifying a sustainable pace, is a space and feat that requires a high level of self awareness and knowledge of… Continue Reading

  • Continuing Education 🔄

    I was asked to write down three things I cannot live without on a piece of scrap paper for a seminar on interpretation. At that time, I was floridly psychotic, self-referential, tangential, and totally detached from what was happening to me, around me, and despite of me. On the paper I wrote down three things… Continue Reading

  • The Criminalization🚨of Mental Illness

    There are a lot of articles out there all over the internet, newspapers, and mental health forums talking about the increasing violence in the community stemming from inadequate mental health awareness, access to treatment, and laws surrounding forced treatment. Even more abundant is writing on people with severe and persistent mentally illness in the corrections… Continue Reading

  • Mental Health Affairs Celebrates 💯 Articles Published📈

    This is the 100th article posted on Mental Health Affairs. All of us at Mental Health Affairs have aimed to bring readers the most critical and rigorous analytical commentary on the status of medicine, psychiatry, social work, psychology, and allied fields intersecting with mental health care today in the United States. Mental Health Affairs evolved… Continue Reading