The Future of Recovery Now❗️

“In doing so, the consortium has conscripted the Anointment of a Health Czar💂‍♀️…”


People around the globe are wondering what exactly is the future of Recovery Now? Across the pond readers in London write in everyday to our headquarters in Mamaroneck New York for an answer. During the past week I have been inundated with queries regarding the status of Recovery Now with an intensity and frequency that can no longer be ignored: Mr. Max E. Guttman, LCSW, what is to become of Recovery Now? Did Recovery Now get taken over by an affiliate or parent organization? I am here to answer your lingering questions and silence the critics.


Yes, Recovery Now will always be the the leading source in everything Mental Health. Yes, Recovery Now has been in fact, been overtaken by Mentalhealthaffairs.org. As of September 10 2017 a consortium of clinicians & peers among the leadership at Recovery Now deemed unequivocally the organization could be better managed under Mentalhealthaffairs.org.


Mental Health is not a monolithic discourse. When we relegate every aspect of adherence, or those that choose to be compliant with there treatment with accountability is limited and bad practice. At Mentalhealthaffairs.org, we choose to confront openly the many intersections platonism refuses to recognize as valid and important pieces to the clinical picture. Mentalhealthaffairs.org will not only carry the legacy of Recovery Now it will succeed in strengthening our resolve to living up the mission and vision without compromising our ethical responsibility to valid and reliable information.


As early as December of 2017, the consortium of peers and practitioners reached an agreement and drafted a plan to transition Recovery Now’s machinery and operations to launch mentalhealthaffairs.org. Since that time, the pool of readers has multiplied beyond our initial projections. Asia, the Far East, and Middle East, along with Central and Western Europe are reading Mentalhealthaffairs.org everyday. The volume has reached epidemic proportions and in February of this year, a new consortium was charged with discovering a solution central to managing the overwhelming readership.


Last week, the consortium sat down in the Dunkin Doughnuts on Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck and drafted the formal message to be broadcasted and transmitted across globe: “Mentalhealthaffairs.org will not rest in it’s stance and will fully adhere to its mission & vision to promote full community access and integration to community health resources and related discourses which complicate systems of care” In doing so, the consortium has issued the Anointment of a Health Czar, to oversee the re-signification and very meaning of Mental Health’s consumption in the community, re-purpose its study, and engineer future-research.


The Health Czar will have full autonomy and therefore is not bound to moral and ethical veneer Recovery Now is or its division, Mentalhealthaffairs.org answers. Indeed, the future is firmly ahead of us, and we will meet every challenge head-on. In the coming months, the enlistment of future writers, followers, and mental health patriots will grace our site and signal to others the strength of our will to deliver not only the best but most helpful information you need to be successful in your health & healing.

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