The Kindness Rocks Project, founded by Megan Murphy, is about discovering the beauty and profound possibilities of hope in acts of kindness, and has become a grassroots movement. Megan Murphy is the author of A Pebble For Your Thoughts and goes on to explain her work in her website: https://www.thekindnessrocksproject.com.

This entry in Mental Health Affairs honors the work of The Kindness Rocks Project and the work of Megan Murphy. A project with a heart warming story, no pun intended, inception began in the quiet torment of despair and unanswered questions needing resolution to move forward in peaceful healing, recovery or any plight surrounded by the toxic wake of negative emotions or energy. The Kindness Rocks Project deserves our attention because it puts gratitude ahead of illness, and love ahead of the chaos that could easily consume us all in the wake of negative energy in the world and our lives.

I first learned about The Kindness Rocks Project on Facebook. The project has a page which popped up on my newsfeed, as so many things do, when friends have similar interests. While not all all pages are worth looking at, this page is certainly worth your attention. That was when Megan Murphy did what she’s best, reaching out to me, forging yet another connection, and inspiring me to keep writing and speaking my message.

After speaking with Megan Murphy, I truly learned how The Kindness Rocks Project not only illustrates our feelings, making them accessible to the touch on rocks, but also creates a space where hope can continue not only persist, but grow in our hearts and minds when we so desperately need inspiration and encouragement. There is no question that this project inspires me, and everyone vested in its work.

Working with schools, hospitals, social welfare networks and charities, The Kindness Rocks Project, is accessible in the most critical environments where illness, doubt, and crisis intersect our lives. Intersection, and as the Kindness Rocks Project refers to it in their movement, as building connections. This project is simply about spreading a message of joy in the spaces where people least expect it. A simple message, but deeply profound, and one that resonates deeply with this writer.

In fact, the project’s message cuts to the very core of my beliefs in communication, giving and receiving empathy, and the importance of non-violent communication. Connecting across differences is what this whole thing is about, here at Mental Health Affairs, and everyone who reinforces and creates a new way of speaking so passionately about love where it is needed the most.

There is no healing without love. Either loving yourself, your body, and your mind, or loving your fellow person; love is what is needed to create a culture capable of supporting healing, respect for others and their needs, and understanding the needs of all people. I truly respect the Kindness Rocks Project, and all projects, which put compassion ahead of personal gain, and joy at the forefront of health and healing.

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