The Trilogy 📚3️⃣

The Trilogy 📚3️⃣

The time is upon us! I need to address the ongoing rumors circulating around my writing. Ever since I have announced a second novella, Small Fingernails, Even Less Love 💕 , there has been undeniable chatter in the literary world. Upon hearing the new novella was, in fact, the prequil to University on Watch👓, the chatter has increased exponentially. A litany of comments and all sorts of blog posts have been published calling upon me to answer the big question:

“Max, is this a Trilogy?”

So, I am here to answer the big question❗️


“I learned from therapy a long time ago. Experience your emotions, my therapists have always said to me.  Don’t bottle up your feelings. On the walk up to the ER, even the drive the hospital itself, these words would hang over me, and remind me, gently, not too flood, but certainly, not to be afraid to tear up. I usually do, every so often, and I have never felt ashamed of doing just that. I have gone through so much during my recovery. Felt, experienced, and witnessed, so very much pain, triumph, and struggle to push past the obstacles I have faced that my controlled emotional experience on the walk to the ER was my badge of courage. Through all of this, I earned my badge, and I will never surrender it readily…” excerpt from The Revisionist 💉

That’s right. This book is the long standing response to requests that I finally write a novella about my recovery. THIS IS THAT STORY!