Month: July 2018

The Mystique of Psychosis

Psychosis is experienced by people carrying its active constellation of corresponding and altogether unique symptoms differently. At different times, along a spectrum, psychosis symptoms exist in a dark harmony, sometimes feeding off one another, and sometimes, working in complete isolation. The spectrum intensifies in many cases over time […]


Common Egregiously Misused🚫 Terms in Mental Health⚠️

Without question, all of us involved with the mental health system, treatment, peer advocacy, and those with a vested interest in the health and wellness of our friends use language to talk about, explain, articulate, or just commensurate about subjects involving mental health, health, and the world-at-large. As […]

Addressing Symptoms: Stilted Language, Perseveration, Word Salad

Anyone who knows me personally or professionally is aware of my love of language. As a person diagnosed with schizophrenia and a lover of language, the road to recovery and symptom stabilization has been difficult and frustrating. Schizophrenia impacts the speech centers and hemispheres of the brain. I […]

Mental Health Affairs Celebrates 💯 Articles Published📈

This is the 100th article posted on Mental Health Affairs. All of us at Mental Health Affairs have aimed to bring readers the most critical and rigorous analytical commentary on the status of medicine, psychiatry, social work, psychology, and allied fields intersecting with mental health care today in […]


Psychreg will host the 1st Mental Health Bloggers Conference (MHBC 2018) in London on 15th December 2018 – and as part of the event we will also recognise mental health bloggers for their contributions to increase understanding of mental health issues, and provide support to those that live […]

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