• When Shaming Goes Wrong

    There’s a disturbing trend I’ve been noticing of late and I want to address it as it’s something that has been on my mind for a bit. This will be a longer read but bear with me. This need to shame folks into supporting our causes is something that needs to stop. This can extend… Continue Reading

  • 🅱️iologic Theory

    Research must be wholly beneficial to the public, it must be free and rife for regard for society. As a prosumer and mental health interventionist researcher, I have sought nothing but a bold new model that works for the masses. Therapy that is both targeted, yet beneficial to all conditions and diagnosable disorders (impairments, both… Continue Reading

  • The Right to Fail

    The right to fail. To live our lives as people that are flawed, diagnosed, mentally ill the the way we see fit to do so. In New York State, and many other states in the United States, unless you are mandated, or in a AOT (Assisted Out Patient Treatment) or forced treatment program, you can… Continue Reading

  • Use of metaphors in the therapy office 🕵️‍♂️

    If you are a patient, or psychotherapist, the odds are you have been encouraged to use metaphors in the therapy room. I teach family therapy at the university level, and have been a family therapist for a decade. I can say that this overemphasis on utilizing metaphors to communicate, illustrate points, and evoke the imagination… Continue Reading

  • Pedagogy and Practice for Social Workers🎓

    I am a very, very passionate learner. I believe in education, and anyone who reads my writing understands my love of learning. Partially due to a trauma suffered in my experience in higher education as an undergraduate, I learned to love the pursuit of higher learning, again, and again. My story is the narrative of… Continue Reading

  • I am J. Peters and this is my story: University on Watch👁

    I am a rhetoric scholar and a person with lived experience with schizophrenia. I am also a prosumer. My identity aside, the status of Disability studies and narratives, memoirs, and stories that aim to reclaim the writers lost authorial voice are in demand. These stories offer catharsis—Upon reflection, after writing this novella, I am still… Continue Reading