• The Right to Fail

    The right to fail. To live our lives as people that are flawed, diagnosed, mentally ill the the way we see fit to do so. In New York State, and many other states in the United States, unless you are mandated, or in a AOT (Assisted Out Patient Treatment) or forced treatment program, you can… Continue Reading

  • Learned Helplessness Must be Stopped🔴

    One of my biggest struggles as a social worker in the human services is challenging learned helplessness. Learned helplessness is a phenomena in which clients, patients, or any person connected to a larger system becomes so conditioned by it that they begin to need connection to it as if being a recipient of services becomes… Continue Reading

  • The Mystique of Psychosis

    Psychosis is experienced by people carrying its active constellation of corresponding and altogether unique symptoms differently. At different times, along a spectrum, psychosis symptoms exist in a dark harmony, sometimes feeding off one another, and sometimes, working in complete isolation. The spectrum intensifies in many cases over time upon initial activation. The spectrum of psychosis… Continue Reading

  • The Peer Standard⚖️

    There is an unspoken, invisible and arbitrary standard for being for every oppressed group living in the United States and everywhere discrimination goes without question. This social norm and standard of being exists even in the helping profession and the social welfare system for its staff, direct-service workers, and anyone working to further reform and… Continue Reading

  • Dismantling state-level psychiatric centres: instituting full community access and integration

    This paper presents a long-overdue proposal to the New York Office of Mental Health (NY-OMH) to close state psychiatric centers and discharge all remaining patients into the community. From long-term care and extended service units to admissions and adult, children, and adolescent services provided by inpatient treatment wards, this is a call for the complete… Continue Reading