Obituary: William Anthony, 77

William (Bill) Anthony, Director of the Boston Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Professor at Boston University has died. He was 77. Everyone does not know

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The Mystique of Psychosis

Psychosis is experienced by people carrying its active constellation of corresponding and altogether unique symptoms differently. At different times, along a spectrum, psychosis symptoms exist

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Dismantling state-level psychiatric centres: instituting full community access and integration

This paper presents a long-overdue proposal to the New York Office of Mental Health (NY-OMH) to close state psychiatric centers and discharge all remaining patients

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Living in Two Worlds: Navigating the Intersections of Health and Healing

Before I lived in two worlds I lived in a world of persistent illusions, intrigue, paranoia & the seductive pull of my every symptom suggesting my health was compromised. With this said, my world was eclipsed, isolated, seemingly foreign, and unwelcoming to challenges I was facing connecting to the world in a meaningful way.

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