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Navigating the Mental Health System as a Consumer

    I often hear how difficult it is to get social service assistance, especially when it comes to medical, and mental health care. To my own personal understanding, navigating the mental health system is rather simple and easy, if you are amongst the poor minority figures. Just agree to […]

The Evil Therapist👹

The ethics of the helping profession and helping professionals are constantly under the radar. Help seekers, colleagues, and other professions in vastly different fields continue to question the ethics, values, and intentions of therapists and other helping professionals. I understand this suspicion aimed directly at therapists. As a […]

The Strategist🎱

There is very little myself or anyone knows about the life or even whereabouts of Dr. H today. I can only speak for ten years ago. And very little information, even from back then, explains how Dr. H became so involved in my life, friends, family, academic life, […]