• The Revisionist✍️

    Far too many stories and firsthand accounts of recovery are terminal and end with a cure or picturesque life for the consumer of services or “sick” person. This recovery narrative is different. This is a story about struggle, ongoing collateral pushback from friends, and internalized self-doubt. Chronic illness, either rooted in psychiatric or medical symptoms,… Continue Reading

  • The power of Social Work language: a linguistic analysis🔠

    The power of the social work language is rooted in the very words we social workers use everyday. There is no question, that the language of the social work profession is a limitless lexicon that is miraculously positive in its composition, ability to connect across differences, and illuminating when signaling the relative urgency, scale, and… Continue Reading

  • The Strategist🎱

    There is very little myself or anyone knows about the life or even whereabouts of Dr. H today. I can only speak for ten years ago. And very little information, even from back then, explains how Dr. H became so involved in my life, friends, family, academic life, and ultimate demise. I met Dr. H… Continue Reading

  • The Changing of Signs🔮

    I have said before that there is no universal way or signified to capturing or expressing in words the experience of psychosis. I might have been wrong about this claim. All of this depends on your definition of capture, and experience, to really inquire into the validity of my statement. Therefore, to determine the validity… Continue Reading

  • Cigarettes and Tobacco Use in Mental Health Settings

    The growing trend in most mental health centers is the banning of tobacco products and their use on campuses that deliver treatment and other supportive programs. When I first entered the mental health system, I was in-patient in an adolescent unit in New York State. Within a year of the time I landed in the… Continue Reading