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Neo-Institutionalization: The Overregulation of Community Mental Health

Neo-institutionalization evolved and came into being out of the clumsy rollout of de-institutionalization policies in the 1970 and 1980s.

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DNR, Sign me Up

Do Not RESUSCITATE, PLEASE. DNR orders, or Do Not Resuscitate orders, aren’t very tricky when it comes to the law and how the law is carried out and interpreted by doctors and patients embarking on a palliative care end of life plan. A DNR order means do not […]

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  ARIZONA, GEORGIA, NEVADA, PENNSYLVANIA LEANING TO BIDEN ALASKA, NORTH CAROLINA LEANING TO TRUMP   Hello everyone, and welcome back to Election Central, coming from an undisclosed place somewhere on Long Island. This is Tuesday, November 3, and I have been reporting from Long Island for several hours. My role […]