• Lost UOW chapter: $50 dollar bills for Recovery

    My perception was shifting everyday. At first the shift was gradual, eventually dramatically altered. The community appeared different. People seemed to behave differently and have different motives. All I wanted was to connect with the changing world around me in Liberty. This was increasingly difficult to do when my resources ran dry. For a while,… Continue Reading

  • Seeking the help of a Tertiary Care Hospital

    As a clinical social worker, I am always interested in the level of care abstraction that defines systems in medical and mental health facilities. As a person who has had more hospitalizations than he can remember, I have learned how to navigate and understand systems of care as a prosumer. As a professional consumer of… Continue Reading

  • 🅱️iologic Theory

    Research must be wholly beneficial to the public, it must be free and rife for regard for society. As a prosumer and mental health interventionist researcher, I have sought nothing but a bold new model that works for the masses. Therapy that is both targeted, yet beneficial to all conditions and diagnosable disorders (impairments, both… Continue Reading

  • Attention Seeking Behavior(s)🤳🏽

    I have a profound fascination with attention seeking behavior(s). I am also profoundly clever at capturing the attention of my peers, family, and friends. Let’s be completely honest, some of know, without too much consideration and thought, exactly how to gain the attention of our peers, friends, and family. Some of us, conversely, couldn’t get… Continue Reading