Letter from the Editor-in-Chief, J. PETERS

Hello readers! I am the Editor-in-Chief of Mental Health Affairs, J. PETERS.

Interview with J. Peters: Small Fingernails Even Less Love

Peters: A very small clique. My friends from college. At New London University. These are the people I characterize in the book. The book is about my experience interacting with these kids, about six or seven of them. Some of these people were given more airtime than others. The people I really thought weren’t even worth talking about, I didnt. Others, that I spent more time with, got some air time, and others, who I liked, were given praises in the book. You’ll know who I dont like, and my favorites, quickly, when reading Small Fingernails.

The Clinical Gaze

Walking into the therapist’s office, you sit down, look up at your therapist, and behold their eyes peering at you and assessing your mental status before you even speak.

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