The Early Warning System

I want to introduce a concept called the Early Warning System

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I was just following orders…

  “I was just following orders.” The Nuremberg defense, just following orders, Due Obedience, or by the German phrase Befehl ist Befehl (“an order is an order”). This

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Worst of all, the media shows people with mental illness as incompetent, dangerous, and undeserving, which deters everyone from understanding each other. Enough is enough!

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Seeking the help of a Tertiary Care Hospital

I once understood levels of care as abstractions when sifting through a clinical grey area. I now understand each of these precious stops in the system of care as levels of hope.

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Obituary: William Anthony, 77

William (Bill) Anthony, Director of the Boston Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Professor at Boston University has died. He was 77. Everyone does not know

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