This is the Ending I Always Wanted to Write for University on Watch

Everyone could hear Dr. Harris scream as agents cuffed her, dragging her out of the department office in handcuffs,

Seeking the help of a Tertiary Care Hospital

I once understood levels of care as abstractions when sifting through a clinical grey area. I now understand each of these precious stops in the system of care as levels of hope.

Wales High High School: First Diagnosis (A First Look🤓)

Introduction Sometimes a school crisis erupts on a high school campus unexpectedly. Other times, there a slow build up of tension before the crescendo, and

The J Peters Reality Tour🤷‍♂️

ve been getting a lot of questions, and I mean a lot, about the status of the J Peters reality tour. Let’s talk about it here and put to rest any outstanding rumors surrounding this historic event.

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