Day: July 28, 2018

Addressing Symptoms: Extended Metaphors, Ideas-of-Reference

I was an English major in college. Like many students studying language, I loved words, meaning-making, and using rhetoric to both dazzle and re-orient my listener to whatever I was spitting out of my mouth. Indeed, like most students, and English majors, I loved…

Fully Alive💯

We all have impairments, limitations, and restrictions. However, choosing to live a full life despite our so-called deficits is critical to feeling happy, fulfilled, and complete. The task ahead then for most of us is how to think outside of our flaws and experience…

Socializing in the Hospital🏥

After being admitted to the hospital, and settling down on the the unit as best as possible, changing into hospital garb, there is little to do than to sit, wait for treatment team meetings, medication time, meals, and pace up and down the hallways….