Day: March 10, 2018

The Modern Psychiatric In-Patient Technician: Skilled Worker or Guard?

One of my earliest memories as an adolescent in an in-patient unit was the tall, stocky men brazenly hanging around the treatment areas, lounge, and nurses station. These people were anomalous. They didn’t seem to have a purpose upon first glance. I couldn’t have been more wrong about […]


The Life & Times of a Person Carrying a Mental Health Diagnosis

There seems to be several types of mental health blogs on the market. Clinical blogs, peer blogs based on personal experiences, hybrid blogs which combine both aspects of recovery, and research re-blogged materials from across the web. I would hazard to say blogs focusing on prevention and the […]

Allies in Recovery: Use and Overuse of Collateral Support

Burnout exists among practitioners & caregivers for those carrying a mental health diagnosis. Our allies, collateral contacts, and both natural and artificial supports are all susceptible to burnout. This presentation is designed to prevent and disrupt behaviors which contribute to burnout among people working with psychiatric disabilities. In […]

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